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The client

Who are Least.?

Least. is an online PropTech platform where commercial property owners and agents engage with their occupiers. They've built a smooth, customer-centric, online-first process that increases end-client retention.

Why work with The Portable PropTech CMO?

With a complex, multi-touch solution, Least. has a broad spectrum of stakeholders to engage with. Understanding the needs of these stakeholders and how best to engage with them is absolutely key in ensuring Least. can build and maintain a successful sales pipeline.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 13.00.22.png

Goals, budget, and timings:

We were looking to increase stakeholder engagement while keeping costs to a minimum. We spent some time together upfront ensuring we understood the value proposition for each stakeholder group, before testing and launching campaigns over the course of a month - successfully keeping costs under £2.6K.

The results

The following results were seen within one month's live marketing campaign activity.

These are the kinds of results you can expect to see when you take the time to go through the process of creating, testing, and iterating on customer-centric, value-add messaging.

Aside from the below quantitative findings, there were qualitative findings around messaging that will prove invaluable to the business going forward. Seeing how certain kinds of messaging increase website visits and lead gen (with a few others falling flat!) allows the Least. team to focus their energy on productive, engaging  content - rather than taking the "spray and pray" approach of simply posting content for the sake of it.

The budget for all the below marketing activities came to under £2,600.

It would have been easy to blow tens of thousands of pounds on PR or agency work, but with my bespoke approach, not only do the results speak for themselves - the team have come away empowered and educated.


Form submissions:


CTA clicks:
















Website referrals:


Lead Gen

Pre-qualified inbound leads:


Outbound leads:


Market engagement:


Client testimonial


I've worked with Rebecca for over 3 years at early stage PropTech businesses. Put simply, Rebecca is one of the top PropTech marketing executives in the game!


With an A-Z understanding of marketing and growth strategy she will quickly help founders and sales teams organise and fill the top of a sales funnel. 


Through my experience in PropTech, marketing has always been seen as a secondary thought - this should not be the case. Get your marketing strategy right and your sales team will be happy for years to come!

Any PropTech business, big or small, should strongly consider acquiring her CMO services.

Nick Fisher MRICS

Head of Sales, Least. & Insight Technology

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