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The Portable PropTech CMO

Get results in 2 months, not 2 years.

No hiring or firing or faffing required!

Expert marketing support for under £2K per month.

NEW slots available:

Pitch Perfect

Spinning a lot of plates as a PropTech founder?


Struggling to ensure your business has a scalable growth strategy and marketing plan?


You're not alone, and there's a process you can use to move forward.

Let's work together to nail your value proposition, build your campaign plan, and get things moving!


Setup Call


Before we get started, let's have an introductory call to talk about your goals, who you're targeting, and how we'll measure your success.

This is where I get to know you and your business, to ensure we're a good fit.

Cost: Free

5x 90-min



These​ sessions are foundational, creative, and fun! They're also essential in creating a pitch that will resonate with the needs of your target customers.

  1. Mapping your customers and their needs

  2. Building trust and empathy

  3. Product value and customer journey

  4. Prioritisation, formatting, and channel management

  5. Benchmarking, KPIs, and deliverables

Cost: £1250 + VAT for 5 sessions


& Support


Let's activate your action plan!


This is an optional continuation from our previous sessions, where we work together to implement your campaigns.

Using this methodology, I've been able to help founders launch an average of one new campaign per week.


You'll need to commit 2x 50-minute sessions of 1:1 time with me each week (and there may be some homework depending on the plan!) but results are guaranteed.


Cost: £440 + VAT per week

Now streaming:

The PropTech Growth Podcast

In every episode of The PropTech Growth Podcast, your hosts Rich Wynn and Rebecca Nixon interview an expert in the PropTech startup space, gathering their advice and expertise to help you run a successful PropTech business.​

Coming soon:

The PropTech Startup Survival Guide

I've spoken to dozens of PropTech startup founders about their biggest pain points, what they wish they knew before they started, and so much more.

All this advice and experience is being condensed into a guide designed to make your journey as a PropTech founder easier.

Coming soon:

The PropTech Growth Masterclass

Class is in session! Or at least, it will be... very soon.

Being new to PropTech is hard, and so is onboarding fresh team members into the space! This is a way to speed up that process and get yourself and your team focused on growth.

The PropTech Growth Masterclass is a fast, simple, fully-online learn-at-your-own-pace course where you will glean the best advice the experts have to offer.

The full course will be available for 30 days from when you activate your registration.


The PropTech Growth Masterclass costs £270 per person, but while it's still in production you can pre-order your course for only £190.

Client Testimonials

"A crafty marketer whose skillset goes far beyond the marketing field. I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca at Aprao, where she designed and implemented our marketing strategy from the ground up. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of everything SaaS / B2B, she also helped organise our sales process. If you need someone trustworthy who takes total ownership of a role with complete autonomy and puts great care into it, I’d highly recommend hiring Rebecca."

Jonathan Raoult, Co-Founder, Aprao


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